Here we present the LPHT-20, our current standard furnace model, designed for LPHT treatment of diamonds in vacuum.

The LPHT-20 can be used for commercial purposes, for example the color treatment of diamonds. It is also a unique research instrument, used for the study of properties of diamond.

Image LPHT Furnance


Our standard furnace LPHT-20 is designed for LPHT treatment of diamonds in vacuum at temperatures from 600°C to 2100°C. The furnace can be used for annealing of individual samples (research) and for small scale commercial color treatment.

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Technical Specifications & Parameters


Width: 550 mm
Depth: 620 mm
Height: 1000 mm

Weight: 50 kg

Base vacuum: 5e10-6 mbar

Sample Container

Diameter: 20 mm
Height: 20 mm


One phase 208-240V, 30A

Three-phase variant available upon request


Water-based cooling system

Pressure: 2 atm at 4 litre/min


Range: 400°C - 2100°C

Temperature ramp up/down at high temperatures is a few minutes


Treatment time: 1 min to several days

Typical cycle time for processing of brown CVD diamonds: 15 minutes